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First "Meet and Greet"

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DSCN01890014 DSCN01880013 DSCN01870012 DSCN01860011 DSCN01850010 Marta's Doggie Bag from lunch. post01840009 post01830008 After the meet, some of us converged on MOP and had lunch at Shoeless Joes. DSCN01820007 SpeedDemon (Shaun) and Chris discussing the July meet. DSCN01810006 DSCN01800005 DSCN01780003 A couple DSCN01770002 DSCN01910016 Ninja44's bike. Just a tad bigger then our BabyCBR's. IMG_5125 Blacke and Ninja44 on route to Shoeless Joe's. Ok, so his bike is a lot bigger. Then again...so is he. IMG_5133 IMG_5132 IMG_5131 Middle-Ninja44 (Sean) talking to his buddies... IMG_5130 Chris from MOP talking with CrazyBurner (Ken) IMG_5129 IMG_5127 seatcowl_5124 seatcowl_5123 seatcowl_5121 610854195_d97eac36a7_o 610861205_c0bad90f9c_o 610866997_6e124a7003_o 610888465_eef1433621_o 610890799_0324ae3c37_o 611302238_be3973e549_o 611304894_1ae42a57b6_o 611306146_1a5170de4e_o 611313340_65d0ec5a59_o
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