News Release
May 25th, 2007

New Bike Gets New Online Community

With the launch of Honda’s new CBR125R, comes the launch of a new online community for all the proud new owners. The CBR125R Community Forums is now online in time for the official release of Hondas newest entry-level bike. We will be providing a central location for anything related to the CBR125R including bike specific updates, news releases, maintenance tips and how to care for your new bike.

We will also be hosting meetings and group rides catered to CBR125R owners with the larger goal of organizing bike specific communities all across Canada. Our forums will cover everything from insurance questions and technical advice, to a Beginners Corner where new riders can gain valuable information about riding in a pressure free environment. We will also be publishing online photo galleries and videos from our members and group events.

Advertising opportunities will also be available to dealers and vendors who wish to showcase their products and services on the site. With your help, the CBR125R Community Forums will become Canada’s single source for everything related to the Honda CBR125R but not limited to it solely.

Welcome to www.cbr125r.ca…a new community for a new bike!